Brands and collections

Our brands and collections : zinc, ceramics and seasonal decorations

We are one of the leader in the market of metal flower pot. 

Thanks to our own factory in China we have a capacity of 200 containers per year to produce basic item in galvanized zinc. We are able to quote full container and we will also offer you logistic services in France to arrange your transport.

A stock of more than 1000 basic items is available.

The second part of our assortment consists of an extensive collection of basketware, ceramic, glassware and decorative material.

Our designer will provide all your requirements such as graphics, colors and design.

Think In Zinc !

PI Design is the basic and current collection for everybody’s taste. 


Ceramic - Ethnic Moments

 In recent years we make the choice to promote Portuguese handicraft. Main of our products are hand made.

Our branch Ethnic-Moments Portugal will offer an exclusive range of ceramic collections. With the capacity of one truck per week we will arrange delivery through Europe in reasonable deadline.

 As exclusive design we pay a lot of attention developing our own moulds each season.